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All Fact Sheets were updated on 19th April to include the latest information on the Scheme.  

Helping your business navigate difficult times

CORVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses of all sizes.  If you're a small to medium size business and need help with your employees, were here to help. 


We're here to answer all your questions around the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.  Whether you're struggling with terminology like 'furloughed employees' or are confused over which employees are affected, get in touch today. 

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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Did you know that you could now claim a grant if you furlough your employees?

Get in touch to find out how to retain your employees and reduce your pay bill by furloughing them.  

Virtual Leadership

With many teams now working remotely for the first time, how do you ensure your employees continue to be motivated and productivity does not suffer? 

We're here to help, providing people managers with tools and support to help your employees. 

HR Advice

In these unprecedented times, running a small or medium sized business offers unique challenges. 

As HR experts we are able to help you keep up-to-date with the ever changing Government support for your employment and ensure you are aware of everything your business is entitled to.  


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