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Rishi Sunak: Allow legitimate new starters access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

You have the power to help small businesses in these difficult times.  


Did you know that employees who started with a company after 28th February 2020 are not able to become ‘Furloughed Workers’ and therefore companies cannot claim the 80% (capped at £2,500) grant for them? 


Please sign this petition to support the extension of the grant to all employees, regardless of when they started their employment. You will be helping new starters avoid an undetermined period of uncertainty with No Pay.  


The government have said that they have put this restriction in to limit fraud, which, on one hand makes sense, but why penalise the legitimate new starters at the hands of unscrupulous employers?


Many companies work hard to recruit new talent, especially as we all believe there is a “war for talent”.  It is not fair to let all that hard work go to waste and for the employee to face uncertainty.


Big companies may not be impacted by this, as you may have the financial resources to offer to pay, even though you cannot claim the grant.  But now is the time for Big business to help smaller businesses.  CEOs HRDs and Recruitment Leaders of big businesses have the collective power to add weight to convince the treasury to change their rules.


So I am calling on all FTSE 250, CEOs, HRDs, CEOs of Recruitment firms to sign this open letter to lend your support.  What better way to show true leadership in helping others in need.

The message is clear:  

Rishi Sunak: Allow legitimate new starters access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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Thanks for signing & helping small businesses. Please also sign our Change.Org petition

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Suki Sandhu, Audeliss & INvolve